Friday, October 26, 2007

Dealing with the Dermatologist...

...or lack thereof.

I was scheduled to have an appointment with my dermatologist this week. As I mentioned in previous posts, my skin lashed out at me for using one of the gels that my doctor prescribed for me - Benzaclin. It hasn't been fun though my skin has calmed down since I stopped using it. Of course, I am still experiencing the occasionally burning sensation underneath my eyes and some dry patches. It is worthy enough to see a dermatologist, in my humble opinion.

Earlier in the week, I received a call from my dermatologist's office. The doctor is ill, according to the receptionist, and I have to reschedule. Here is how our conversation went:

R - "The next appointment available is on December 17th at 1:45pm."

Me - "Unfortunately, I won't be in town around that time."

R - "How about December 18th at 2:30?"

Me - "No, I will be away for Christmas. Out of town."

R - "Okay. How about December 19th?"

Me - "No. I won't be in town. I will be home for Christmas, out of province. I will not be in Montreal then."

We then decided on a date in January even though I'm just thinking about getting referred to a different dermatologist altogether. I then asked about using Benzaclin and the other gels as when they called to tell me to quit using them, they spoke to my partner who is terrible at taking messages.

She told me, "Ohhh,'ll have to ask your doctor about that."

Jeez, that's what I'm trying to do for crying out loud! So yeah, no appointment 'til January. Yet another successful appointment, or lack thereof, with my dermatologist.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yet Another Skin Update

Remember that last blog I wrote? You know, the one where I'm talking about how my skin is getting clearer and I'm using all these new products, including gels that my dermatologist prescribed? It seems that immediately after I wrote that blog, my skin bitterly laughed and sought revenge on me! Ah, and so it goes.

As I mentioned before, my dermatologist prescribed Benzaclin and Differin. This combination of products and, perhaps, the fact that I recently upped my dosage to my thyroid medication has turned my skin into a living hell. My skin became extremely sensitive to these gels, as well as everything else that I applied to my face - moisturizer, foundation, cleanser, and even this bottle of super expensive thermal water spray. I ended up changing my cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream to products that are designed for those with sensitive skin. I thought it would help but it didn't seem to do the trick. Whenever I applied anything to my face, it burned and reddened in appearance. The areas of major trouble were around my eyes, the corners of my nose, and the corners of my mouth - exactly the places were I was not applying the medicated gels! After the burning subsided, my skin became dry and scaly. I looked like I aged overnight and my face felt uncomfortable, if that makes any sense. I became concerned when I noticed a specific patch of red and dry skin under one eye that sort of resembles eczema. I called my dermatologist and he told me to quit using Benzaclin.

Now, you've heard me rant about my dermatologist before. I don't care for the guy. As I said before, the way I see it - if you're going to make me wait three months for an appointment with you, give me a least a good ten minutes of your time to talk and get to know my skin. He could have spent time asking me if I indeed had sensitive skin - which I did before but not to this extent - and we could have avoided this situation altogether. I don't even know if he knows that I have a thyroid problem.

I've stopped using the Benzaclin and I immediately saw a difference. My skin ceased to be extremely dry and itchy, especially in the corners of my mouth and nose and under my eyes. I still have that small patch of red, dry skin under one eye that is ultra sensitive one day and a-okay the next. I have a scheduled appointment to see my dermatologist this upcoming Thursday, oh joy. Wish me luck - that he either doesn't rush me through or I have the voice to say, wait a minute...this is MY appointment so don't shoo me out the door with questions I'll never have the chance to ask.

As far as acne and my skin goes, my skin does feel smoother and a little nicer. I just went through a patch of break-out which I'm sure the dry state of my skin didn't help. Though I know my skin isn't that bad, it would be nice to have nice skin for once. However, I really have to accept that this just might not be the case when I refuse to take (orally) anti-biotics or Accutane.

I'll let you know how Thursday goes.