Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Messing with Hormones?

A long time ago, I saw an endocrinologist who told me that my hormones were imbalanced. I was a teenager and I was trying to get my acne under control. It was at the final straw, as far as seeing doctors went, and she told me that the only way that I can have clear skin is to go on birth control pills and Accutane.

Well, I was fifteen or so and still a virgin. I wasn't having sex and I didn't want to mess up my already mildly messed up hormones even more so. I still believe this, for myself. I refuse to go on the pill. I don't pass judgment on others who wish to go on the pill but it's just not something that I feel good about. I feel that if I am this way - slightly hormonally imbalanced, slightly emotional, and with now slight skin problems - then I am meant to be this way. We have become to easily convinced to go on pills and medications and I don't want to be a walking pharmacy. It's just something I don't believe in and that includes messing around with hormones unless it's completely needed. For example, like my thyroid medication.

As I was reading articles online about hormones, I came across this site advertising progesterone creams. Now, it says that these are natural progesterone creams but it still kind of gives me a hesitant feeling inside. Sure enough, the ingredients are pretty natural as natural goes. I'm suspicious though, I wonder if it's like a dealer in snake oil. Will this actually work for people who suffer with terrible hormonal imbalance or is it just another phony skincare line designed to take your money? At least the cost is pretty low.

Maybe I am simply not in the position to pass judgment. I don't have severe PMS nor am I menopausal. I cannot relate nor do I actually need to use a progesterone cream to control my nasty hormones. However, I would love to hear what you have to think about this cream. Especially, if you are a user of it! I'm curious!


It's been a while since I posted here! As I mentioned a while back, I recently had a unsatisfactory trip to the dermatologist. I wasn't pleased with the way I was treated as a number and I far from happy with way the doctor scribbled out a prescription ultra quickly. I declined his prescription of Tetracycline as I want to avoid ingesting antibiotics unless I truly need to take them. Just last Saturday, I picked up the topical gels he prescribed for me - Differin and Benyclin. I'm suspicious of them and I am not happy taking prescription medications but I'm honestly sick of my skin. If I could afford to, I would happily see a homeopath. I'd rather be on the natural side of healing and organic products if I had my choice.

Anyway, with that being said, here's a good website to check out if you are looking for organic skincare or organic health products - LiveLifeOrganic.

They offer many products at lower prices, which is handy because living well and natural sometimes costs you a little more. They have skincare products for your face and body, household products, organic foods, and organic vitamins.

If my prescribed gels don't work for my skin, this is where I am headed next! I've had enough of spending money on harsh chemicals to treat my skin. I'd rather be using something natural and organic on my face!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Make-Up Mistress is Back!


I should be writing this fabulous blog. You know, one that catches us up on everything that has happened in the last fews weeks. One that rants and raves about what a fantastic trip, without sparing you the sordid details. Believe me when I say that I want to.

However, I'm sitting before the computer and sweating. Sweating for all the wrong reasons. My twelve days in Manitoba was spent in sweltering hot temperatures. I return to Montreal for much of the same. I swear, this delicate flower is wilting.

I'll say this much - I had a blast. My last two trips back home were write-offs, being sick and all. This time rocked. I wasn't sick once! I saw friends, I spent tons of time with family, I kicked ass at American Idol on the Playstation, I took tons of photos (a lot, I'm afraid, weren't as artistic as I liked them to be), I got new glasses, I got a haircut, I spent waaay too much money on cheap shopping (A sweater for $6.99! Capri pants for $9.99!), and so on and so forth.

The downsides, other than the heat, were the terrible mosquitoes and the water. I don't know what it is but Winnipeg water tastes like dirt, even with a water filtering system. Selkirk water is incredibly bad. Not to mention, Manitoba water makes my hair and skin look like crap. Oh, and it always sucks to say bye and feeling like old friends have drifted away because of distance.

I will write in depth of my trip. Perhaps, I will do a photo-blog about it on my other blog. Looks like I exceeded the amount of photos for my Flickr, so I'll either upgrade or find somewhere else to post them. Until then, hang on tight for a real update and for me to get back into the swing of things where this blog is concerned.