Friday, May 18, 2007


Yes, I have been a stranger. And yes, I do apologize for my lack of effort with this blog as of late. I can throw you all bits and pieces of excuses, if you'd like!?

Well, the newest addition to our household has been a dog. I never had one before so it's been a whole new experience for me. It's a good thing - we rescued a dog from abuse and gave him a safe home where he is loved. For me, it's learning how to be strict and dominent. The last two weeks have been interesting and, I have to say, a little taxing on my head and heart. There are a lot of things floating around in both places right now. As far as the dog goes, perhaps I will put up a picture slideshow of the mutt for you all to see - his name is Toshio, by the way.

As well, I got myself one of those fun, springtime colds. I feel weak and I can't seem to type. I won't be putting a picture slideshow of how I look right now...haha, that would be scary.

Speaking of picture slideshows, I'm contemplating making one to show all the different eye looks/cosmetic designs I could come up with. I think it would be cool, even though I am doubting my so-called creative talent at the moment.

I should probably write when I'm in better spirits. I hope all you faithful readers are having a good day, however.