Sunday, April 29, 2007


Back in January, Allie from What's My Wardrobe Today tagged me to blog five things my readers do not know about me. Well, it's almost May. Yikes! Time really flies, doesn't it. As the saying goes, better late than never...I'll try my best to make it cosmetics or beauty related.

Five Things About The Make-Up Mistress

1) People who know me in "real" life, already know this. I feriously bite my fingernails. I loathe this habit of mine and I do not know how to stop. I can quit smoking just like that. Tell me stop biting my nails and it's impossible. I long to have long and sexy red nails. Sigh.

2) I used to have a major fear of the dentist. I would have reoccuring nightmares of losing my teeth, the enamel peeling off in layers, and a pillow full of teeth bits. This made me wait to see a dentist for way too many years. I learned my lesson and paid the price. I've had to get a lot of minor work done on my teeth. But, I am no longer afraid of the dentist! :)

3) Once again, people in "real" life and are close to me know this. My biggest physical insecurity is my skin. I had pretty bad cystic acne when I was a teenager and it's left scars on my face. It looks a lot better now but I still have some pretty embarrassing break-outs as a 30 year old. I'm seeing a dermatologist come June.

4) I would love to work in the beauty industry again - be it at a makeup counter or salon or somewhere else. However, the only thing that holds me back and makes me ill is the thought of dealing with bitchy clientele, women with terrible breath who expect me to apply their makeup comfortably, and superficial and catty salon owners and co-workers again. I swear, working in the beauty industry is worse than working in retail. But you never know what may be in store for me!

5) I once sold makeup to Bif Naked at the MAC Counter. As well, Burton Cummings of The Guess Who stopped by and yelled a question at me. That frightened me. On a different celebrity note, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith stopped by the music store I managed back home. He played with hair and said he liked my bangs. I'm no fan of Aerosmith but I still giggled when he kissed my cheek and asked me if I sold dirty movies. Tee hee.

I don't really have anyone to tag, other than myself at my other blog. Maybe I'll write five things about me and how I'm grateful and set it to photos...hmmm!


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