Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I like giving my readers a head-up on some great websites and deals out there. Some of them have no interest to me but you never know - one of my loyal readers just may be interested. As well, I have recently acquired a sponsor for this particular blog as you may have noticed with a few of my recent posts. Don't worry, I will still continue to write blogs here on a more personal note! That's the whole idea of a blog, right!?

Anyway, I came across this site called EnailSupply. It's an online beauty supply shop - much like those you can visit if you are a licensed beautician/stylist. They seem to specialize in nails and waxing. It would probably be the perfect site to go to if you were starting up your own personal salon out of your home.

I used to work at a nail salon/day spa. I won't lie. It was sheer hell. For that reason, browsing through this website seemed much more relaxed than browsing around the salon I worked at. Honestly, as a former salon employee and current nailbiter - I would prefer to shop online than deal with people who work in a salon, haha. Once they forced me to wear acrylic nails. Thankfully, I knew where to draw the line and refused fancy nail decals. I can, however, say that Essie and OPI polishes are pretty kick-ass.

Anyway, take a browse. Enjoy!


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