Monday, February 26, 2007

Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream

Everyone has a list of "must have" products that they rely on and frequently use. One of my "must haves" is Herbacin's Kamille hand cream.

My hands take a beating in the winter. The cold climate dries out my skin easily, be it my hands or my face. I can constantly hydrate myself but if I even spend three minutes outside without gloves or mittens, my hands suffer. They becoming unbearable - rough and dry, eventually cracking and bleeding. I find many hand creams to be a little over-powering, especially if you have very dry skin. Either they don't help at all or they help for a bit while your hands burn like hell because of the ingredients/scent. I find that even the products designed for people with sensitive or extremely dry skin leaves my hands moisturized but red and burning. So do I suffer with dry, itchy hands or soft hands that feel like they are on fire? It's a tough choice.

So I seek the expertise of my mother. Moms are good for knowing tips on what to buy and what not to waste money on - in other words, what works. They are not blinded by what's considered "cool" and trendy. They aren't phased by fancy packaging or celebrity endorsements. They've been around long enough to know what works and to guide you into becoming a smart shopper.

Years ago, my mother introduced me to Herbacin's Kamille hand cream. It remains my favorite hand cream product to date. I've tried many others but they failed to cure my chapped and dry hands, especially in the winter. I find a lot of products out there that are designed to heal (lip balm, hand cream, etc) do more harm than good. They only help you in the meantime, never truly solving the problem you have. I believe this is an evil way to sell more products.

Herbacin's Kamille hand cream is different. It is a very effective German-made hand cream that contains the healing properties of camomile extract, the moisturizing substances of natural glycerine, and the protection of natural silicone. The scent is natural and delicate, smelling of soft camomile and does not irritate my sensitive skin. It applies smoothly and easily, absorbing into your skin immediately without feeling greasy or heavy. A little goes a long way so this product will last you a long time. It is very gentle, not causing your skin to become red and irritated. It's simple and effective, no bull-shit kind of product.

Over the past weekend, I forced my friend to try it out for herself as her knuckles were rough as sandpaper. She blurted out a surprised WOW! and commented how smooth her hands felt - "not greasy like other hand creams".

I highly recommend this product. Your sad, dry hands (or ankles, or feet, or elbows...) will thank you for it!

The company, by the way, also makes a line of bath products called
Ombra. I only found this out recently. Ombra ROCKS, no lie. It's my favorite brand of bubble bath, good Lord! Their line of aromatic bubble baths are superb - they smell great (ginger lime, juniper, etc.) and the bubbles actually last through a long, long bath.

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