Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An Easy, Subtle Smoky Eye - My Daily Favorite!

Everyone has their favorite, tried and true eye makeup that they always rely on. It's easy, it's fast, and after years of wearing the same kind of eye - it's utterly reliable. Yes, some may say that it is boring and repetitive but when you have it down to an art - how could you go wrong?! That's what I think so I thought I would share with you my favorite eye makeup that I wear when I'm in a rush or when nothing creative comes to mind. I'll probably be wearing this kind of eye 'til I'm old and gray, looking like some painted-up crazy cat lady. Ah, I can't wait!

It's a take on the smoky eye, yet a little more subtle. I can do it in minutes, especially on a good day when I'm full of coffee and my hands are steady. It's long lasting and can be played up to make for a more dramatic eye, with a little extra touches such as a darker shadow, slight shimmer, or red hot lipstick.

I start with a naked eye, powdered to ensure long lasting makeup. With a brush, I apply MAC's Pixel Eye Paint. I swear by this eye paint, as it is extremely long lasting and it barely creases by the end of the day. I love it! It is so easy to apply too! It has a slight shimmer which is a nice touch. I apply it on my entire eyelid, blending towards the brow bone. As well, I apply it on the lower eyelid, starting from the corner of the eye. If you want a little something extra, add a teeny bit more to the corner of the eye to draw more attention to your eyes.

Apply MAC's Print eyeshadow with a small, firm brush to into the crease of your eyelid. For a smoky gray, it is very simple to use without messing up completely. To blend, I sweep the brush towards my brow bone. Brush a little more from the outer lower corner of the eye, towards the middle of your lower lid. If I want something a little more dramatic as far as gray shadows go, I'll substitute the Print with Urban Decay's Oil Slick. It's a dark gray with a bit of sparkle in it.

Close your eye and sweep just a little more shadow onto your lid, working towards the middle of your eyelid.

With a flufflier brush, I sweep Cover Girl's Snow Blossom shadow across the edges of the smoky gray to soften the eyeshadow. It makes your eyes look a little more delicate and even.
This is how it should look, once you have blended the gray eyeshadow with the shimmery white eyeshadow. Simple and effective!

Now, add a little mascara! I wish you could actually see the difference here - my eyelashes are quite pitiful.

Another coat of mascara and you're done...unless you want to dress it up a little further! See below!

I added a sharp line of L'Oreal's Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner - that I love so darn much. I swear, I'm hooked on the stuff. It didn't turn out as even as I would have liked it too but the winter has been a little cruel on my skin. You get the point though. I use liquid liner on a daily basis, but if you are little more conservative - save it for those lovely evenings out when you get dressed up! If you still want a little eyeliner, use an angled brush and dark eyeshadow to create a soft line.

Ta-dah! The finished look of mine consists of brushing in some eyebrows, since I color my hair black and I have naturally fair eyebrows (as you have noticed in the previous photos). This look is SUPER easy and extremely fast to apply. Try it out and remember - you don't have to follow any rules when it comes to applying makeup. If you don't want to use a shimmery white eyepaint, use something you are more comfortable using. If you don't want go for smoky gray, try a more natural brown. It's your face!

That's the beauty of makeup - the possibilities are endless!

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