Monday, February 05, 2007

BeBop HairWear - Product Spotlight

I have a wonderful friend who lives overseas now. She is the designer and owner of BeBop HairWear. And today seems like the perfect day to spread the word of her fantastic line of hair accessories!

Her line of hairwear is called BeBop HairWear. Each and every design is handcrafted by the lovely Ms. SherriesJubilee. Her company began in the wintery city of Winnipeg in 2004, in which she promoted her cute and stylish creations on the popular socializing site Myspace. She caters to alternative lifestyle designs, influenced by fashion trends and symbols of rockabilly, psychobilly, rock n' roll, and other such popular subcultures. Her fabulous barettes are truly attitude for your hair!

There are many different styles to choose from. Take a look at her gallery on her website or myspace page. Whether you are interested in old horror movies (there is a great Frankenstein barette!) or old school tattoo symbols (nautical stars, swallows, dice, cherries, etc) - there is something for every girl who takes pride in her hair! There are also familiar faces of the decades before (Bettie Page, Elvis, Johnny Cash, etc) and even some of today (Mike Ness, etc). There is a Tiki line that is super cute, Hot Rod hair wear, devilish kitty cats, stylish skulls, and so on. There is literally something for everyone! I don't think you can say that about any other hair line out there. A pair of her barettes were even featured in a European Cosmo magazine - it's nice to see a beautiful and talented girl from the Prairies succeed!

I have ordered hair barettes in the past from other companies and was left disappointed. The barettes from BeBop HairWear are durable and long lasting. I have owned several pairs for a long time now and all have remained in perfect shape. And I'm pretty tough on my accessories.

Not only do these barettes rock my hair, dealing with Ms. SherrisJubilee is a pure joy. She is the sweetest gal you will ever meet, let alone do business with. She takes pride in her designs and she doesn't make you feel like a number like most companies do.

As well, she can create custom orders for
you. If you have a fundraising event and wish to sell barettes - she can make 'em for you! If you want something different to promote your band or roller derby team - she can do it too! Her prices are reasonable for both single item purchases and larger orders. And if you love them as much as all her other happy customers do, you can snap a photo of yourself in your cute new barettes and become a BeBop Girl!

For more information on her amazing line of hair accessories, stop by her
Myspace site or visit her website - BeBop HairWear.

Take a look! I guarantee you will fall in love and your hair will beg you to buy at least one pair of funky hair barettes! Tell her, Linda sent you!

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