Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Avon's Sparkle N' Shine Eyeliner

Recently, it was my birthday and I received a new cosmetics product in my mail from my mom - Avon's Sparkle N' Shine liquid eyeliner in Silver Twinkle. I saw this sparkly eyeliner in the catalog when I went home for Christmas and I instantly wanted it. Weeks before, I was shopping at the MAC counter and spoke with an artist there who was wearing a sparkly liquid liner. I was quite impressed by it, the silver glimmer instantly adds a bright touch to the eyes and can be played up for more of an evening look. I almost bought the MAC liner that day but after Christmas shopping for my family, I honestly couldn't afford MAC prices. Moms are great for paying attention to what their children like, no matter how old they are. I squeeled with delight when I found this Avon product at the bottom on my birthday care package!

I have used this product twice so far - as eyeliner on its own and as a sparkly coating over black liquid liner, for curiosity's sake (see above photo). The product works very well. I don't know if my skin is hypersensitive due to the cold weather this season but my eyes stung a bit when I first applied it. The brush and wand are very easy to use and control. There is a good consistancy of sparkle, though I found that I had to reapply a few times when applying on its own (however, I'm a sucker for dramatic looks). It doesn't apply heavily, even when you are reapplying for more glimmer. It removes very easily too which is always a bonus for your delicate eyes, providing you have yourself a good eye makeup remover (I use Avon's eye makeup remover - it's an wonderful product that not only does the job but it is super cheap).

I think Avon gets a bad rap sometimes. Compared to high-end counters or even the slick displays at the drug store, ordering from a catalog from a representative that comes to your door may seem a little less professional. Hell, I used to think this way about Avon products. It wasn't until I decided to end my snobbery and try some of their products out. Of course, there are some products that I really don't like but I can say that about every makeup/beauty line - even MAC Cosmetics. Beauty snobs may say "you get what you pay for". Sometimes that's true, but you can't always knock something when you haven't even tried it.

I'm happy with Avon's Sparkle N' Shine liquid eyeliner - it's cheap, it's pretty, and it's easy to use. What more can you ask for?!

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Wow, you know I recall reading a bit more about this at either or not sure which one exactly, but both great sites with lots of stuff, great content and weekly comps!


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Blogger Linda said...

Cool, thanks for the heads-up with the links! Sometimes I never know where to look online for beauty related topics - the internet is too full of information for my head, haha!

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