Monday, January 22, 2007

The Smoky Eye ... Made Easy!

I'm still trying to acheive the perfect smoky eye. It's not the easiest make-up look, in my opinion. When I think I got it right, I'll take a photograph and then shudder. I look like a sickly, wannabe goth kid. Okay, so I used to be one back in the days...but still. I want to create a sexy, smoky eye that makes makes men stop in their tracks instead of being afraid of my assumed spooky darkside. Anyway, I have a quick and easy smoky eye technique I thought I would share.

Start with a naked eye. Lightly powder eyelids with loose or pressed powder to ideally set make-up and have long lasting eye make-up. Don't laugh at my nakedness. My eyebrows are there, they are simply light. And I do have eyelashes, just the shortest ones in the entire world.

With MAC Cosmetics Graphito eye paint, lightly cover eye lid and blend towards the brow bone. Apply to the lower lid but try not
apply too heavily.
I apologize for the low-quality photograph as
it is quite dif
ficult taking close-up shots of your own eyeball with a new camera.

This is a picture of what the closed eye should look like. Don't worry if it seems like you have a blob of dark shadow on your eyes...those seemingly harsh lines will be eliminated with a lighter shadow.

With a soft brush, swept entire upper and lower lids with a white slightly shimmery eyeshadow. Blend well into brow bone, making sure that there are no harsh lines and that eyeshadow looks evenly applied toward eyebrow/temple/under-eye. I used Avon's True Color eyeshadow in Sparkling White and a fluffy MAC brush.

The rest is easy! Just add some mascara to create long, beautiful lashes. Well, except for me because my tiny eyelashes are
impossible to work with. Dammit. I need my brows colored in because I am fair with colored black hair. To create a precise
and finished eyebrow look, use an angled brush and eyeshadow.

I use MAC's 266 angled brush and Carbon eyeshadow.

You can stop here or spice it up, see below!

I find that my eyes usually look dull as my lashes are rather stumpy. And I'm addicted to liquid eyeliner. So, if you want to dress it up a bit more - try a little liquid liner. As well, you can use an angled brush and dark eyeshadow to subtly line your eyes.
Here, I used L'Oreal's Lineur Intense liquid
eyeliner and cheap ol' Maybelline mascara.

Can't get enough drama? Here's a little more
spice to add to your smoky eye! Try lining the rim of your lower eyelid with a black pencil. Add a bit of body shimmer to the corner of your eyes and underneath the arch of your eyebrow (the photo doesn't give it justice!). Here, I used a regular black pencil eyeliner and a powdered body/face shimmer.

Good luck and, most of all, have fun!

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