Friday, January 26, 2007

Mascara for Men?

Here is a curious article about the new mascara for men that is now out on the market...I'm rather interested in trying this out for myself. Hell, most men have better eyelashes than I do - without the help of mascara. Has anyone tried it? If so, do tell! I'm just wondering, what is the difference between the men and women's mascara? I have a feeling there is no difference whatsoever - other than a little more expensive and a little more natural for the boys.

I do think, however, H&M should throw a mini-product knowledge class for men interested in purchasing some mascara. Especially if they are mascara virgins. I think applying mascara comes naturally to most women. Anyway, if there were product knowledge classes for them - I'd really love to sit in. And then I'd laugh. And they wonder why we take so long in the bathroom getting ready. Well, now we can say to our beloved try it for yourself!

Main stream retailers pick up on male cosmetics trendM

By Louise Prance
23/01/2007 - H&M clothing store has staged a significant move in the cosmetics category to become one of the first main stream retailers to incorporate male mascara into its stores.

With many cosmetic manufacturers such as L'Oreal and Shiseido creating skin care lines targeting at the male consumer, it seems the move by H&M is the first time a main stream outlet has targeted this niche market.

H&M spokesperson, Jenni Tapper-Hoel told the Guardian newspaper that the mascara was incorporated into the male clothing section as many ‘customers were asking for it in stores'.

The mascara is retailing at the lower end of the price range at £3.99 and is placed within the male clothes section of the store.

Market Analysts Mintel suggest that the increase in the onslaught of male-targeted cosmetics comes from the growing need for the male consumer to look younger and smell nicer.

H&M's move could be seen to be targeting the onset of the punk and goth era, however, due to the successful rise of male dominated internet campaigns and many advertisment launches featuring male celebrities, it could be the start of more companies developing cosmetic ranges that target this growing niche market.

However, there could be the worry that the male consumer, despite becoming increasingly aware of image and personal grooming, could be put off from buying cosmetics or skin care ranges due to the intimidation of buying in-store.

Briony Davies, Euromonitor account manager for Cosmetics and Toiletries, told CosmeticsDesign that many manufacturers have targeted the mass male audience with successful internet campaigns that capitalise on the need for anonymous shopping.

“The fact that the Internet enables men to browse and explore products that are not necessarily au fait within a non-threatening environment, explains why an increasing number of male grooming players are taking this tact” she said.

L'Oreal has recently upped its successful internet campaign for its Men Expert Grooming range which allows the male consumer to navigate through different areas of the site, detailing his skin type and routine in order to get a skin diagnosis and also buy online.

However, many cosmetic manufacturers have tried different tactics to entice the more nervous consumer and have started to incorporate male stars into lucrative advertising campaigns.

The male stars may allow the male consumer to feel more confident about purchasing cosmetics and fragrances if a recognised role model is seen to endorse the product.

In the past big names to promote global male fragrances and skin care lines have included David Beckham and Sean Puff Daddy. However, the number of sponsorships has traditionally paled when compared to female star sponsorship of products.

In recent weeks both actor/director Steven Seagal and Clive Owen have announced their endorsement of major personal care and fragrance lines.

US national Steven Seagal is currently promoting L'Acrima skin care, an anti-aging line aimed at the increasingly lucrative and increasingly aging male baby boomer generation. Currently he is touring Canada to promote the name, which is manufactured by the American Catechin Research Instute, founded by David Vesco and Bo Zakariev-Mackedonski.

British actor Clive Owen has also put his name to a male fragrance and skin care line being launched by beauty giant, Lancôme. His face will be used to promote the new fragrance Hypnôse, as well as the company's new skin care range.

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Anonymous Michelle said...

Luckily. Im in Selkirk. We're just happy when our men shower and shave...ha-ha:P

6:12 AM  
Blogger Linda said... doubt!
Or happy when they were their best sweat pants for a night out on the town! Hot!

8:46 AM  

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