Monday, January 22, 2007

Liquid Eyeliner ... Made Easy!

Hi, my name is the Make-Up Mistress and I'm a liquid eyeliner addict.

I've been drawn, no pun intended, to liquid eyeliner since I was twelve years old. Yes, that sounds young to painting up your face. My older sister was a metal queen and painted up her eyes in electric blue liquid liner. Being the bratty little sister I was, I wanted to imitate her with all my might. It was a messy disaster at first. Thankfully, the day came when I realized that electric blue liquid liner is (usually) tacky and switched over to black. I've been using it ever since and I like to think that I have the art of applying liquid eyeliner perfected (except the days I don't have enough caffeine and I'm shaking like jello in hurricane). I love the crisp, precise lines that liquid liner provides and I love paying tribute to a classic 1950's eye with it too.

Here's a simple, how-to:

Start with a naked eye. To set foundation and ensure long lasting eyeshadow and liner, lightly powder with a powder brush. Yikes, I feel so exposed here without eye makeup and eyebrow.

Blue was a hot color in the 1950's for eyeshadow. This is a little toned down and subtle but still a tribute to that era, without looking like a painted Barbie doll. Here, I used a MAC eye paint in a bright blue - unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the color and judging by the website it is no longer available. The eye paints by MAC are super easy to use and go on smoothly. I swear by their Pixel eye paint(which is still available) as an everyday eyeshadow base as it is long lasting and barely creases. Lightly apply blue shadow to your eye lids with a firm brush, blending into your brow bone. To soften the blue, use a softer brush to apply a shimmery white shadow over the blue and blend towards brow bone so there is not a harsh line of blue shadow. For a nice shimmery white, I used Cover Girl's Snow Blossom eyeshadow.

And now comes the fun part! Liquid eye liner!!!
Truth be told, this takes a little practise. But doesn't all good things need a little practise?? I think so. The goal is to find a good liquid liner that you are happy and comfortable with. This may take a little time as it is usually a matter of personal preference. You may like the kind of liners that have a felt tip or you may like the kind that has a little paint brush like I use. It's really up to YOU! Once you find a good liner - PRACTISE! It won't look the greatest the first time around but after a while it will. Typically, I use a small mirror while tilting my head towards the light - but once again, it's all a matter of personal preference. With a steady hand, gently line your upper lid as close as you can to your eyelashes. Be careful of getting it your eyes, like I did in the corner of my eye. Extend the line past your lashes and lid, making a little wing. Practise makes perfect! Give it time to dry too - keep your eyes partially open so you don't leave a mark of liquid liner on your upper lid! I prefer to use L'Oreal's Lineur Intense in black.

To finish, apply a black mascara to your lashes. This is the easiest step of all, since most of you already know how to apply mascara. Chances are, you have thicker eyelashes than I do. And chances are, I'm envious. My hair color is naturally fair and I color my hair black, hence the drawn-in eyebrows. Don't draw your brows in this dark if you have lighter hair - it'll just look bizarre. If you are curious to my eyebrow technique that I pride myself on, use an angled brush and eyeshadow. I use a terrific angled brush from MAC (brush 263 or 266) and their Carbon eyeshadow. This, too, takes a little practise but it looks a lot more precise and is a lot easier to apply than an eyebrow pencil. Here's the same, finished eye...only closed.

This is my first time doing a "how-to". Remember, it just takes a little practise. Don't expect great results the first time around. Just try and try again, until you get the results you long for. Good luck and, above all, have fun with your make-up!

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