Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hinterland's Who's Who - Spiders on Drugs

I realize this is not related to cosmetics or makeup. However, laughter is good medicine. Good memories are good medicine too. So, let me walk down memory lane about being a kid. Watch the two very short videos. Share a laugh with me.

Anyone who grew up in Canada with a television set grew up remembering the great commercial spots sponsored by the Government of Canada. Of course, there were wonderful vignettes of our history and the faithful Hinterland's Who's Who spots. Apparently, those in Quebec do not seem to remember such commercials. Watching such informational commercials bring me back to my childhood, giving me a warm fuzzy feeling. Just that opening music makes me feel like a kid again. For example, this one is about the great Canadian Cougar. No, I'm not talking about the 40 year old lady in tight jeans that dances at your local top 40 bar.

The other day, my friend told me about a Canadian short film that was a hit at the Winnipeg International Film Festival. It is poking fun at these old commercials. It's brilliant! Watch the two short videos. Share a laugh with me today. After all, a smile is the best kind of makeup you can apply sometimes!

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