Saturday, October 28, 2006

MAC Liquid Eye Liner

Just because it says MAC, it doesn’t make it good.

That’s exactly how I feel about MAC’s liquid eye liner. A while back and just for old time’s sake, I took out my MAC liquid eye liner to prove myself wrong. I didn’t like it when I worked there and my opinion did not change too much after either. I sincerely wanted to prove myself wrong. Honest!

I don’t expect cosmetics to last forever but the first thing that strikes me about this product is how little there actually is. If I used this exact product as much as I do with my beloved brand, I would be running back to the store every other month and I’d have a serious hole in my wallet. It’s a great amount if you are a casual user of liquid liner but that’s about it.

Maybe I’m using it incorrectly. If someone out there has a tip to using MAC’s liquid eye liner, please fill me in. I’m pretty particular about my makeup, especially where liquid liner is concerned. I’m a fan of the small flexible brush versus the firm felt tip. I find there is less control with a felt tip but at the end of the day – it’s simply just a matter of opinion. I’ve used all kinds of liquid liners with all kinds of different application brushes. I know what I like. And it’s not MAC’s liquid eye liner.

I find the felt tip incredibly hard to control. I feel, with this product, I do not have the freedom to create a delicate thin line if I desire that. I cannot create a sleek, thick vampish eye either. The end result is an awkward line that isn’t crisp – and that defeats the purpose, in my opinion, of liquid eye liner. When I use liquid liner, I extend the line past my eyelashes for that cat’s eye or 50’s siren look. I can’t do this effectively with this product. Simply put, it looks like shit.

Another thing that bothers me about this MAC product is the consistency of the color. The whole point of liquid liner is to create a defined crisp line, as I mentioned earlier, that is also very bold and dramatic in color. When I use a black liquid liner, I expect this liner to be black, pure black. I don’t want to see through this color! I don’t want to reapply or add another coat of liner just for the dramatic look I am after. Applying and using makeup should be easier than that and I find that I struggle with MAC’s liquid eye liner. The color is thin and see-through. I tend to reapply the line, which is never a good idea since the felt tip is so difficult to control. My eyes look like crap at the end of it all which makes me an unhappy female.

MAC’s liquid eye liner comes in three colors – “Boot” (black), “Leatherette” (brown), and “Stiletto” (dark purple, that isn’t a trashy purple). I own all three and I’m equally dissatisfied. Contrary to their website’s blurb, it is not very long lasting (I love their eye paints because of that reason though!) and it is certainly not smudge resistant. The last time I wore it, it smudged. It looked like crap at the end of the day. And I just so happened to be pre-menstrual that day and had a good cry. Let’s just say, I looked like a bloated raccoon. I must be spoiled with my favorite brand because I could literally walk through a blizzard and my liquid eye lined eyes are still going to look pretty damn good! Well, at least it is easy to remove.

So, I’m particular about my liquid liners. The thing is, I’ve seen my lovely friends wear MAC liquid eye liner. I love my friends dearly. But for the love of God, I feel like shaking them by their shoulders and pleading with them to stop using this product. It looks awful and for all the reasons I listed above – thin, see-through color, an uneven line, and smudgy at the end of the night.

Just because it says MAC, it doesn’t make it good.

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