Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Revlon Age Defying Foundation

I've always had a bitch of a time trying to find the right foundation.

Once upon a time, I used to work at a MAC counter. I was, what one would call, a makeup snob. I never treated "regular" folks like crap however. I treated each and every person like the deserving client they were, regardless of what kind of style or how they dressed. Lord knows, the other girls at that counter were pretty judgemental at that. So, I stuck to my snobbish beauty regime. I only used what I thought were good products. I scoffed at the dreaded drugstore brands - ewww. That was until I became rather unemployed, haha.

Actually, I never liked MAC's foundation. I cringed at having to use it. On some people, it looks fantastic. I enjoyed Studio Fix on those days were I was completely in a rush to get ready. The coverage is amazing but I still wasn't personally satisfied. I have combination skin. It is the skin type most often overlooked, I think. You have your foundation for normal skin. You have it for dry and oily. But what about those tragic gals like myself who are burdened with the state of dry/normal/oily skin? Top it off with some ridiculous adult acne and you have a pretty sight.

For a while, I used Max Factor's Lasting Performance. And yes, you can purchase it at Wal-Mart. The makeup snob in me shuddered at the very thought. I liked the coverage and it became my brand of choice. It still didn't do the trick. I found that it ended up making my face look rather heavy, picking up those dry flakes, but it could be my own damn fault for trying to hide my own blemishes. But you know, after the powder was applied - it truly brought out my dry skin. I think it would work amazing with oilier skin.

Then one day, my small town no longer carried Lasting Performance. Isn't that the worst thing? Sigh, it is always a sad day for your face when your favorite brand of cosmetics is discontinued or no longer available in your local shops! I had to enter that dread drugstore again!

I came home with Revlon's Age Defying Foundation for combination skin (normal to combination, actually). Of course, the title Age Defying scared the crap out of me. I'm not even thirty and I need some thing the defies my age? Okay, breathe deeply...I am not getting old...I am not getting old...

Here are the stats:
- It's apparently supposed to make you look younger in 14 days. I think I still look 29
- It contains Botafirm, which is a patented blend of hexapeptides and botanicals - reducing lines by nearly 50% in 2 weeks
- Specially formulated for normal/combination skin, it is an oil-free formula that contains a clean pore complex and plant extracts to help tighten and tone pores.
- Medium coverage
- SPF 20

First of all, I was just happy to find one product out there that was for combination skin. When the sales associate helped me, that was the only thing she could recommend. It is a very light textured foundation and does not appear heavy. It smells really fresh and I look forward to applying it. Yes, it is medium coverage so if you do have blemishes - it helps if you use a good concealer for those spots and under eye rings. It applies smoothly and easily, whether you choose to apply with a makeup sponge or your fingertips. It comes in a wide range of skin tone "colors" unless you are black or simply have a darker complexion. It feels very healthy on my skin and has never irritated my very sensitive skin type. I was really impressed, to say the least!

I always thought Revlon products were a joke. I never liked their mascara nor their nail polishes. I was very surprised to see the quality of this product. It has been a complete pleasure to use and it is now a part of my daily beauty routine.

If you have that unpredictable skin type titled "combination", I suggest you give it a go!


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